The Most Common Responses To Every Question In Dog Related Facebook Groups


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The Most Common Responses To Every Question In Dog Related Facebook Groups

I belong to about 15 Facebook Groups which is probably less than most people. The groups range from local mom groups to blogging groups to a variety of specific dog groups and many of them offer up important information that I can refer to at any given time.

While I’m mainly a lurker in most of the Facebook groups that I’m apart of, they have been a great resource to me over the years and they’ve made finding specific information easier in a lot, but not all cases.

You have a whole bunch of people with the same interest right at your fingertips.

Since I belong to so many different groups I often see a variety of questions asked and many of the same answers given.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what the question is, the answers given are always the same. Kind of like a one-size fits all all but it really doesn’t but some people think it does.

Here’s an example. An extreme example but one I’m sure one that many of you who belong to multiple facebook groups can relate to.

ISO OF ADVICE! My dog fell in a well and I can’t get him out! Any advice on how to get him out? (Picture for cuteness)

The Most Common Responses To Every Question In Dog Related Facebook Groups

Do you give him a joint supplement? If you don’t you should because then he could crawl right out of that well on his own.

Have you called a dog trainer? I would start there.

Make sure he has fresh water!

Give him an aspirin and Pepto. He’ll be fine.

Feed raw! Seriously, we switched our dog over to raw 2 years ago and he’s never been better.

Don’t feed him raw! He’ll get salmonella and so will you! That’s how my great grandmother’s dog died.

He’s lonely. You should fall in the well and keep him company.

Did you vaccinate him for that? We gave it to our dog just in case something like this would happen.

Vaccines kill dogs! Falling in a well doesn’t kill dogs! You are a horrible pet owner for vaccinating your dog and filling his body with heavy metals and cancer.

This question has been asked several times before. Please use the search button at the top of this page. *Note* I am not an admin I’m just sick of seeing this topic discussed. (Damn it Sheila. No one knows where the frickin search button is in a Facebook group)

Rub some coconut oil on him! Make sure it’s unrefined and organic! Seriously, the last time my dog fell in a well this is what we did.

The Most Common Responses To Every Question In Dog Related Facebook Groups

Shave his coat! He’s gonna get too hot!

Don’t shave his coat. That ruins the hair follicles and he’ll never be the same again.

Is he on kibble? The dog food manufacturers don’t want you to know this but they put an ingredient in your dog’s food to make them do this. They profit off of dogs falling in wells. It’s all poison. Your dog is better off eating the gunk at the bottom of the well.


Whatever you do, don’t call your vet. They’ll charge you an arm and leg for something you can just Google and do at home for pennies.

Don’t worry about it. He’ll work it out on his own.

Is he purebred? That’s the problem.

He’s allergic to grain! Feed him a grain-free food!

The Most Common Responses To Every Question In Dog Related Facebook Groups

A note from the admin-Your question has been deleted because it doesn’t fit our guidelines. The guideline’s to this page are pinned at the top (Damn it Rebecca. You change the guidelines once a day)

It’s all in God’s hands now. Sit down and say a prayer.

I wish I lived closer so I could help! (You live right down the road Tina. We’re in the same dog walking group)

Give him some pumpkin! Not the pumpkin spice mix though, just plain pumpkin in a can!

What’s his temperature? Can you crawl down the well and take it and get back to us.

Can you make this post shareable please? I want to share in my other group but it won’t let me. (Damn it Gina. We’ve discussed this numerous times with you before. You CAN NOT share a post from a closed group)

Pour some apple cider vinegar down there! Make sure it’s pure and organic!

The Most Common Responses To Every Question In Dog Related Facebook Groups

Go to the shelter and adopt a new dog! There’s plenty of dogs there that need homes!

Hey, since so many people are on this thread can you tell me what this rash is on my dog’s butt?

Do you have about 20 towels with you? You could tie those together and make a chain. Lower it down and tell him to wrap it around his body.  Affiliate Link: You can order the towels off of Amazon. (I make a small commission if you purchase some right now)

Have you read the book “Insert A Non-Related Book Right Here.” There’s some great tips and resources in that one.

It’s been 6 months. Can we have a status update on this dog? Is he still in the well? I only ask because this just happened to my dog today.


Don’t get me wrong, I think that Facebook Groups are great and they’re a great resource for me, that’s why I belong to quite a few and I’m not making fun of any specific group that I’m a member of. It happens in ALL of them but if you’re one of the people that thinks that giving a dog pumpkin who is stuck in a well is going to solve all his problems, you might need to rethink your game.

Also, I give kudos to the admins of many of these groups that moderate on their own free time. Thank you!

Feel free to share in your favorite Facebook Groups and don’t forget to thank your admin!

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